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Sunday, May 07, 2006

The hunt for the Sultan’s Elephant

Hello dears,

What made this weekends spectacle really magical, wasn’t the 40 foot puppet emerging from a Jules Verne inspired rocket, or a giant wooden elephant strolling around Regent Street.

It was three wonderful things.
No branding, no signposts and no merchandising. A totally free event with no catches!
I witnessed a joyous moment when a weird looking French man caught a security guard berating a little girl for standing on the broken concrete, next to the rocket. “I built this, look” he produced his ID to the shocked fellow, “It’s made to be touched, to be jumped on. Idiot!”
I later saw him rummaging through the 90% off sale items in Lilywhites. Bless.

I'm off to fetch my biggest elephant gun, tally ho!



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