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Sunday, February 05, 2006

Stella gets the hump over camel pie at Grand Union

Hello again dears,
Whilst reading the weekend papers I stumbled across this shocking piece of Journalism…

A pub, which put camel, llama and zebra on the menu, has come under fire from Stella McCartney.

The celebrity criticised the Grand Union pub, for serving diners with pies filled with camel and chickpeas, or zebra and root vegetables in tomato sauce, both priced at £9.50.

A llama with figs and sultanas in tomato sauce is no longer available because the meat is now out of season.

Fashion designer McCartney said: "What's cool and gastronomic about eating camels and llama? In this day and age I am shocked that people still act in such a medieval way. They should be ashamed of themselves."

“Grand Union's menu is not a gastronomic experience. This is a cynical marketing ploy to make the headlines out of defenceless wild animals. In a civilised society, we should be encouraging people to conserve our wildlife not eat it into extinction."

I really can't see why Miss McCartney has a problem. On my travels I discovered North African cuisine and camel hump is a 'delicacy' in Libya.
I've hunted camel, tracking one for days until the bastard is close enough to garrotte.

I tried camel toe pie on the same trip, which was an experience too.

Grandma Union


Blogger Rob said...

Was this the first and last time you'd tried camel toe pie?

7:06 pm  
Blogger Grandma Union said...

Hello again Robert,
When you're all alone in a foreign climate, you do all sorts of strange things.

It gets very lonely Robert.

Very lonely.

10:02 pm  

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