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Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Grandma's Road to Germany - Part One

Hello Dears,

Sorry if I sound a little out of sorts today, but, the World Cup is almost upon us, and I am sick to the back of my false teeth with Rooney's foot. Rooney is injured, just like a young Jimmy Greaves, and who replaced him? A lanky inexperienced forward with only 8 caps. His name? Geoff Hurst. Ring any bells? (No, not in Ashley Cole's shorts…)
Yes we really are pinning all our hopes on a Rodney Trotter cyborg freak, built by the Hun and sent back in time to take penalties like Chris Waddle. If we win, it won't be anything to do with luck, it will be a miracle.
And what about Owen? Sounds like... The Omen, released today. Eh? Come on, it's no coincidence.
Meanwhile Nancy Dell'Olio has been caught by paparazzi, being drunk. Well, wouldn't you be, to sleep with that Mekon.

That’s all from me, I’ll report again after the first game, and hopefully my spirit will be lifted, just like dribbling George Best.

Peace and love, grumpy Grandma x

I remember the '66 final as if it were 40 years ago. Because it was.


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